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At some point, all lawns get hit with problems that can only be solved with some form of lawn renovation. Unfavorable weather conditions can bring high insect populations and/or fast-moving summer diseases that can cause the loss of turf. We at Second Nature recognize this and we offer two complete types of renovation services: Regular and Full. In addition to getting a core aeration, the full renovation includes power raking (which will supplement the aeration by loosening the thatch to help the new seed flourish once it germinates), as well as a higher rate of seed.

Lawn Renovation Comparison
Regular Renovation Full Renovation
Seeding 5-6 lbs./1000 sq. ft. Yes No
Core Aeration Yes Yes
Seeding 8-10 lbs./1000 sq. ft. No Yes
Attention to Problem Areas Yes Yes
Seed Bed Preparation (power rake) No Yes

Second Nature uses the highest quality blue tag fescue seed available on the market, which means customers getting renovations can expect there to be much fewer weeds than seed purchased off the shelf. All grass seed will have some amount of weeds in it, so it is important to use high quality seed if you don’t want your new grass to be competing with weeds.

Renovations completed between September 1st and October 20th are guaranteed by Second Nature, which means that if any areas don’t germinate or something else prevents the seed from coming up, we will come and do a touch up seeding free of charge. Renovations completed before September 1st or after October 20th can not guaranteed because of the weather, so be sure to get your lawn on the schedule around mid summer before space runs out***!

***A 50% down payment or payment in full is required in order to reserve your spot on the schedule. It is not possible to get on the schedule without putting at least 50% of the cost of the renovation down.