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Sucking and chewing insects are controllable to a degree, however total insect elimination is not desirable with any program because beneficial insects will be lost along with targeted pests. Our tree and shrub program aims to allow acceptable levels of insect activity while also providing targeted control of specific less desirable insects to promote plant health and aesthetics. That being said, we cannot guarantee the control of boring insects due to the nature of borer infestations. Plants invaded by borers will likely decline in health over time until they die, however sometimes damages can be mitigated for some species with proper cultural practices and control applications.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) grew out of the endeavor to increase the level of control over pests while at the same time maintaining a high level of awareness and sensitivity toward our environment.

IPM attempts to maintain the balance between an acceptable level of pests and the use of pest control measures. When we use IPM, our technicians seek to prevent infestations rather than stop them once they have occurred. We use a careful process to determine the program that best fits your site and home.

Second Nature Lawn Care tree and shrub specialists are trained to identify pests and have knowledge of the biology, behavior and management strategies for specific pests. When a pest control plan is developed, expect to be educated on the plan so you can play a role in the overall management and control of the pests.