Grub and Lawn Pest Control

Grub in lawn

In addition to mowing, watering and weeding, keeping your lawn in top shape requires an ongoing watch for the many insects that want to have your landscape for lunch. Billbugs can be a serious problem for your lawn, and the damage they can cause is similar to that of chinch bugs or grubs. Billbug damage usually appears in late summer, and can appear as small brown spots, irregular mottling or browning of turf.

White grubs are still the most serious lawn insect problem and the sooner they are controlled the better. Areas of grass that are heavily infested will appear to be off-color and will wilt rapidly in the sun. We are now able to offer season-long protection against these voracious eaters.

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A La Carte Services

In addition to our lawn and tree care programs, most landscapes occasionally require additional care. In order to be your “single source” for lawn and tree/shrub care, Second Nature also offers the services below. (additional fees apply)

Fall Seeding and Renovation
Core Aeration
Fungal Disease Control
Grub Control
Mauget Tree Injection
Organic Application Program
Perimeter Pest Protection Program
Flea and Tick Control
Irrigation Services
Mole Control